Remediation of wooden buildings

How are wooden building dried out?

Should there is a water leak in a building, it is important how fast such a leak is discovered and localized. If you already have the MoistureGuard system installed in your building, the detection of even small leaks is fast and their localization easy thanks to the known layout of the sensors in the building. However, if a leak lasts longer and the structure has been exposed to a high humidity or directly to water for a longer time period, it is necessary to start actively drying out the structure. In that case a financially demanding and long drying process commences. In any case, it is advisable to open the structure and to identify the most affected locations. Modern drying methods using microwaves are able to dry out wooden or brick elements already after a second application, implemented, for example, a week after the first one. And it is at this moment when the MoistureGuard system can significantly help you and save you money and time related to the drying process. The sensors can be installed directly to the open structure on wooden elements, and they can continuously monitor the effectiveness of the drying process. You can then focus on locations that remain wet, while skipping those that have already dried out and humidity of which is not increasing any more. Moreover, the sensors can remain in the structure even after its repair and closing, thus ensuring that a similar accident would not occur again or, if it does, its consequences would be minimized.


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