Tomáš V.

At the outset, I would like to thank you for your system, which, as I have now seen for myself, really works.

Due to the long-term increased humidity of my sensor #1 in the kitchen, I made an inspection port in the front wall behind the kitchen cabinets in September and regularly checked the water and waste pipes. Everything dry, nowhere even a hint of a problem. Nevertheless, sensory #1 continued to give high moisture readings. Due to the fact that the situation did not improve, on the contrary, I made a hole about 10cm x 10cm below the kitchen cabinets, working through about 15 cm of the cement floor layer and underlying polystyrene, all the way through to my foundational concrete slab. Here I encountered the problem: the concrete slab was wet! I then removed the kitchen cabinets, cutting out the flooring concrete and underlying insulation at the wall. Here I found a bad compression joint in the pressure water system that was leaking. Once I repaired the joint, I let the floor and wall dry out.

Really, thank you once again for your great system and as I have said several times, it is really one of the best investments in you can make for a wood-frame house.