Milan Křepelka

When we say the word "wood-frame building" to many of us water immediately comes to mind, and a great equal sign between wood and moisture that says wood is able to absorb but also to release it.

Wood works well with moisture, but if there is too much moisture then it no longer holds true. Thinking about water and durability in the context of our new our new wooden home, these words immediately came to me. I was looking for the best way to protect our planned wood-frame house, or how to help it in case of large but also small water leaks into the structure. After all, no sleep like peaceful sleep.

There are numerous systems that detect water leaks in the water pressure system and are able to turn off the water mains in the event of an accident. But companies directly involved in monitoring the moisture of wooden structures are rare like expensive spices.

As an intrepid builder, I subscribe to a number of magazines specialized on wood-frame construction buildings where I found MoistureGuard. After doing basic research on the company’s website, it was clear I wanted to learn more and use the system in our new house.

Soon after I met the MoistureGurad team at their stand at the Wood Construction trade fair. I appreciated their personal personal approach and deep knowledge of the issues (which is clear since most of the company's employees came from the Czech Technical University. Once we worked through a demonstration of their humidity sensors, I knew right away that I wanted this system despite a very tight family budget. And I did well.

The design and installation went smoothly, and at my request the company arrived and checked the cabling, including the sensors, before pouring the concrete floors.

After about a month and half of using the house, a stain of indeterminate color appeared in the corner of the living room, just below the sewer pipe from the bathroom on the 2nd floor. I immediately mobilized MoistureGuard workers. The sensor in the bathroom did not report any anomalies and the other sensors in the house also reported normal values. This calmed me down and I solved the matter with a cool head with the building contractor of the house.

I can really sleep more peacefully thanks to MoistureGuard. There is probably nothing worse than finding out that even a small amount of water permanently leaks into a wooden building.