Request for Quote

How to process the Quote form

1. Fill in your contact information

Enter the name, e-mail and, preferably, other necessary information to give us an idea of who the Quote will be prepared for.

2. Upload the floor plans of your house

Upload the floor plans of your house here. You can then choose whether you wish to place the sensors yourself, or send to us your floor plans and our experts will propose sensor locations based on their experience.
I will draw the sensors myself - a simple wizard for drawing the sensors will start. Then submit your request.
I'll get advice - a floor plan will be sent to our team, who will draw the sensors for you.

3. I don't have a floor plan

If you do not have a floor plan, fill in the description of the planned house (size of house, number of floors, number of bathrooms) and send for a Quote, which we will then send to your email.

4. Clarification of Quote

We will contact you and review your Quote and needs, and ensure that the System configuration is absolutely right for your house.

5. Order confirmation

Once the System configuration is finalized and confirmed by you, we will send you an order confirmation and invoice.

6. Installation and launch of System

A MoistureGuard-trained technician will arrive to install, test, and launch the entire system. Unless you decide otherwise, moisture and temperature data starts immediately flowing to our cloud for monitoring and we will alert you to any problems.

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Our Request for Quote form is available on our system website. Click on the “Quote” jump there.

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