Price list

Price list

Photo Item Description Price CZK without VAT
MHT Combined sensor
measuring: mass moisture of wood (2 different methods), temperature, air humiditywith connector and screw terminal block for cable (s)
3 350 CZK
HT Basic sensor
measuring: temperature, humidity with cable connector
1 350 CZK
IAQ Interior environment quality sensor
measuring: air quality, the concentration of CO2 and of organic volatile substances, and relative humidity and temperature
5 400 CZK
CENTRAL UNIT Central unit for online and offline monitoring 13 000 CZK
CABLE 7 m Connecting cable 7 m connector <> free end tip 110 CZK
CABLE 17 m Connecting cable 17 m connector <> free end tip 150 CZK
CABLE 27 m Connecting cable 27 m connector <> free end tip 190 CZK
    Order preparation, small material, packaging, postage 500 CZK
    data collection service and professional consultations for 1 year 1 800 CZK

Three steps to success

1. Identify critical places

Every modern building is full of technology that can go wrong. Not only appliances that you can see, but pressure pipes, drainage, heating/cooling systems, condensation risks, among other. Sensors need to placed well, and typical risk areas are bathrooms, kitchen, laundry/technical, home wellness, under flat roofs or floor heating.

2. Build your System and order

For the selected risk points, we then choose the type of sensor that will be installed, as well as the central unit and connecting cabling. The individual components form a complete order, which we will prepare to suit your house and needs.

3. Installation and launch of System

A MoistureGuard-trained technician will arrive to install, test, and launch the entire system. Unless you decide otherwise, moisture and temperature data starts immediately flowing to our cloud for monitoring and we will alert you to any problems.

On our Quote page, you can experiment on your own using our product configurator or you can request one from us.

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