MoistureGuard System

Overall, the system consists of a central unit and several types of sensors that are installed in critical places in the house and continuously measure temperature and humidity of the ambient air but also the moisture content of selected structural wood beams.

HT Temperature and humidity sensor

This sensor measures ambient humidity and temperature, which we typically place outside, inside, and in construction cavities in critical places.

Price 1 350 CZK without VAT

MHT Wood mass multi-sensor

This sensor directly measures the moisture content of the structural wood mass using two different methods, along with our standard ambient temperature and humidity sensors.

Price 3 350 CZK without VAT

IAQ sensor

Interior environment quality sensors that monitor the air quality in the interior. They measure the concentration of CO2 and of organic volatile substances, and relative humidity and temperature.

Price 5 400 CZK without VAT

How does it work

Training video of system installation