Data processing and interpretation

The system collects data from critical building locations and interprets them in relation to the humidity and temperature information from the inside and outside of the building. Humidity accumulation is, under certain circumstances, natural and normal, however, the same values can be problematic under other conditions, under which they will be interpreted as a potential risk. Since every building is unique, MoistureGuard uses special algorithms, thanks to which it can quickly recognize how your building is doing and determine the combinations that should be monitored. It can also directly specify critical situations.

The MoistureGuard system regularly collects data from sensors installed throughout the building structure. It stores them and assesses them using advanced algorithms. It is the data processing algorithms that represent the highest added value of the system. Thanks to many years of experience and records from more than 300 monitored buildings, we have prepared, and verified in practice, automated assessment algorithms, which not only process the currently measured values, but also compare them with (short) historical values as well as with the values obtained from other sensors installed inside and outside of the given building. As a result of that, the algorithms are able to determine the overall condition of the structure and to detect any sudden changes. The algorithms are able to automatically detect many false alarms.

The algorithms work with historical data of the sensors in the structure and can automatically learn the behavior of the structure. The algorithms not only detect anomalies, but they also assess the given risk ratio (score), which such an anomaly can represent for the given structure. Based on the obtained score, the corresponding information is submitted to the system operator or directly to the building owner. The customer is informed about the situation and the operator proposes how to proceed further.
In some cases it may be difficult for a human eye to recognize an anomaly in the measured data. That is why we use sensitive automated algorithms, which can reliably detect the anomalies even in difficult cases when the corresponding data are also affected by other quantities.

The benefit of the MoistureGuard system is not just monitoring, but especially in the subsequent data interpretation and assessments.

How the MoistureGuard reports look like

The reports are designed in a way that they are easily and quickly readable and that they provide you with the necessary information. You can either login to your customer account or you can have the system to automatically send you reports via email pursuant to the report frequency selected by you.

Examples of the measured data can be found in the gallery in the form of graphs: