Protecting Home
and Health

Unique sensor system that continually measures humidity in buildings. Identifies not only leaks but also monitors humidity to prevent structural damage and mold formation.

SOLUTION MoistureGuard

Protecting Your Health

No fungi mold. We alert you of humidity problems before mold formation can occur and rot permanently damages structural wood, ensuring a healthy home.

How we protect your health

We protect your home and investment

We maximize the service life of your house by detecting leaks and other problems quickly, thereby preventing expensive later repair costs.

How to extend service life

Cost savings

We identify water leaks and other problems quickly, allowing quick resolution and avoiding costly later repairs.

How we help save costs

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We have a wide range of customers that specify or buy the MoistureGuard system. Each have specific needs:

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MoistureGuard cares about quality, all products are czech made and the highest quality parts of sensors available on the market come from Switzerland.

Central control unit

Central control unit for data consolidation, local storage and cloud processing.

MHT Wood mass multi-sensor

This sensor directly measures the moisture content of the structural wood mass using two different methods, along with our standard ambient temperature and humidity sensors.

HT Temperature, humidity sensor

This sensor measures ambient humidity and temperature, which we typically place outside, inside, and in construction cavities in critical places.



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About us

Origin and Foundation

MoistureGuard technology originates from the Czech Technical University (ČVUT) and the Research Center for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB) and is the result of a multi-year project focused on the effects of moisture in wood and its effective measurement. MoistureGuard was established in 2019 to commercialize and further develop the technology.

Our Team

Our team includes hardware and software product development specialists, expert monitoring and data interpretation staff, a growing installation and service network, a great sales and marketing group, and of course an efficient back office team.

Who we are

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